Films of the 6th Annual

Petaluma International Film Festival®

All films are in English or have English subtitles

A Tale of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story

Director: Yuzo Asahara, 2013, Japan, 121 minutes, Cast: Aya Ueto, Kengo Kora, Toshiyuki Nishida, Kimiko Yo, Yui Natsukawa

Screening on Saturday, October 18 @ 12:00 PM


Oharu (Aya Ueto) is an excellent cook and recognized for her skills. Due to her cooking talents, she marries Yasunobu (Kengo Kora), who is an heir in the Funaki family. The Funaki family serves as the cook for the Kaga Domain. Nevertheless, Yasunobu himself is a terrible cook. With the help of Oharu's mother-in-law Mitsuru (Kimiko Yo), she begins to teach Yasunobu how to cook.

Festivals: Berlin Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival

Yuzo Asahara

Born in 1964 in Kagawa. After graduating from Kyoto University, Yuzo Asahara joined Shochiku Co., Ltd.. In 1995, his directorial debut was the film "Toki No Kagayaki", an adaptation from the Japanese best-selling comic. After that, he worked as an assistant director for Yoji Yamada’s “A Class To Remember” series and “The Twilight Samurai” (2002). In 2003, he directed “Free and Easy 14.” Since its 14th story, Asahara directed “Free and Easy” series till its last 20th story. 

Khrushchev Does America

Director: Tim Toidze, 2013, France/USA/Canada, 59 minutes, Cast: Nikita Khrushchev, Dwight D. Eisenhower, J. Edgar Hoover, Nicolas Kovak, Marilyn Monroe, Howard K. Smith, Walter Cronkite, Geoffrey Bateman

Screening with: Berlin Troika + Why this Phone Never Rings? ~ Saturday, October18 @ 2:15 PM


In 1959, at the height of the Cold War, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev embarked on a two-week public relations tour across the US. Americans emerged from fancy new bomb shelters for a glimpse of a Communist dictator visiting their landmarks and experiencing local hospitality. Greeted by angry mobs and celebrity gawkers, Khrushchev turned on his charm and quick wit. By the time he hit the West Coast, the US was enthralled by his presence, chasing him along the whistle-stops of his tour. As current East-West relations become strained, this is a timely reflection on super power maneuvering. Every moment of this fleeting love affair was recorded and preserved from both Soviet and American perspectives, creating a treasure of visual material ripe for revision. Playing with didactic documentary form, Tim Toidze weaves the humor, hysteria and surreal qualities of this state visit into a profile of the political propaganda that permeated both sides of the Iron Curtain.
Tim Toidze

 Tim Toidze

Tim Toidze was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Tim started his career at "Contact-Film Studio" (Moscow) as an assistant editor back in 1992. In 1994 Tim moved to London, UK, where he studied Media at Greenhill College and worked as a researcher on a few "Channel 4" documentaries. In 1996 Tim moved to Canada, where he continued making films.


Director: Jadrien Steele. 2014, USA, 93 minutes, Cast: Marguerite French, Jadrien Steele, Corey Stoll, Sean Dugan, Jen McPherson, Joan Porter

Screening with: August + Tarzan ~ Sunday, October 18 @ 6:15 p,m

Suspense and intrigue inform this Hitchcockian look at the American dream of home ownership gone awry. Tim and Sophie Becker invest their future in a rundown Brownstone in Brooklyn. With liberal minds and worries of gentrification, the couple allows the holdover tenants to stay during the remodel. Met with the tenant from hell, renovation setbacks, and financial troubles, the couple’s relationship becomes as unstable as the money pit they purchased. What began as a noble dream quickly turns into moral morass when Sophie accidentally kills an elderly tenant still living in the building. Attempting to conceal the accident, their dream house becomes a mausoleum, burying the body of its former inhabitant and the relationship of its new owners. Starring Corey Stoll (Midnight in Paris, House of Cards) and Sean Dugan (Smash), this visually understated film is a drama with perfect, subtle performances.

The Young Spinster [Al Bayra]

Director: Mohamed Abderrahmane Tazi, 2013, Morocco, 87 minutes, Cast: Salah EddinBen Moussa, Malika EL Omari, Naima ILias, Farida Bouazzaoui, Zineb Samara

Screening with: The Queue + Forward March! ?  ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 3:45 PM


In order to honor the will of his deceased brother, Mokhtar "an"adel" (traditional notary) in his sixties, single and a woman-hater, has to find urgently a husband for his niece, an air hostess nearing thirty.

Mohamed Abderrahmane Tazi

Born in 1942 in Fez, Morocco, Tazi graduated from IDHEC (Institute of Advanced Cinematographic Studies) in Paris in 1963 and then worked as a reporter cameraman for the TLC (MCC) from 1964 to 1968. 1969, he was appointed director of the Moroccan news and administrative and technical manager in the CCM; position he held until 1980. In 1970, he co-produced the feature film "Wechma" directed by Hamid Bennani, which he is also the director of photography. In 1974, he followed for a year studying communications at Syracuse University in the United States. In 1980, he founded the production company "Arts et Techniques Audio-visual" and began the following year to make documentaries, short films, commercials and corporate films for both the public sector and the private. In 1981 he made his first feature film, "The Journey". In 2003, he directed "The neighboring Abu Musa," his fifth feature film. Alongside his activities as a producer and director of cultural programs for RTM, the first broadcaster in Morocco, and for various television channels including Spanish TVE1 and Tele Madrid, Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi is artistic adviser or representative of production on foreign feature films shot in Morocco by directors like Robert Wise, John Frankenheimer, Robert Dalva, Mario Camus, John Huston, Francis Ford Coppola and Ivan Passer.


Director: Mark Raso, 2013, USA/Canada/Denmark, 98 minutes, Cast: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Sebastian Armesto

Screening with: The Blessing ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 8:15 PM


After weeks of traveling through Europe the immature William finds himself at a crossroads in Co¬penhagen. Not just another European city, Copenhagen is also the birthplace of his father. When the youthful Effy befriends the older William they set off on an adventure to find William’s grandfather. Effy’s mix of youthful exuberance and wisdom challenges William unlike any woman ever has. As the attraction builds and William truly connects with someone for the first time in his life, he must come to grips with destabilizing elements of his family’s sordid past.

Mark Raso

Mark Raso is a Writer/Director from Toronto, Canada. Mark has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Student Academy Award (Oscar®) Gold Medal for his short film “Under”. Mark has also been awarded the David Jones Memorial Award for Exce¬llence in Directing and The Hollywood Foreign Press Award for Exce¬llence in Filmmaking. In 2013 he was named to the Tracking Boards “Young and Hungry” list. He has made numerous short films that have played on television or in theaters in over 30 countries around the world. “Copenhagen” is his first feature film. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Film from Columbia University in New York. He is based out of Los Angeles and Toronto.

Lonely Boy

Directors: Wolf Koenig & Roman Kroitor, 1962, Canada, 26 minutes, Cast: Paul Anka

Screening with: O Samba ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 4:00 PM


This film portrays the story of singer Paul Anka, who rose from obscurity to become the idol of millions of adolescent fans around the world. Taking a candid look at both sides of the footlights, this film examines the marketing machine behind a generation of pop singers. Interviews with Anka and his manager reveal their perspective on the industry.

Two years before A Hard Day’s Night, came this study of Paul Anka, the post-Elvis, pre-Beatles 19-year-old teen idol from Ottawa. The first music documentary to use the (at the time, very new) cinéma vérité style of filmmaking, Lonely Boy follows Anka through a couple East Coast shows. The most striking aspect of the film is not the screaming throngs of female fans, but the behind-the-scenes intimacy and image-making revelations. At one point, less than two minutes before he goes on stage, Anka strips down to nothing but his briefs and quickly dons a suit, like he’s been performing for decades. Later, his manager casually admits Anka’s had a nose job, and that’s just part of the game. Late in the film, the filmmakers muting the audience’s screams during the performance of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” is one of the great moments in any music documentary.

Wolf Koenig & Roman Kroitor

Roman Kroitor born in Dresden, Germany, on Oct. 17, 1927, Koenig grew up in Galt (which became Cambridge), Ont., where his family settled in 1937. He joined the NFB in 1948, after meeting a film crew near the family farm, and lived much of his professional life in Montreal. Koenig retired in 1995, with a CV including more than 170 films he had contributed to over the years, and moved to Westport, Ont. He and Roman Kroitor made three notable music documentaries: Glenn Gould — On & Off the Record (1959); Lonely Boy (1962), about Paul Anka; and Stravinsky (1965).

Wolf Koenig was a man of many talents. The veteran filmmaker’s credits included animator, cinematographer, editor, director and producer during his 47-year career with the National Film Board (NFB).

And There Was Evening and There Was Morning

Director: Emanule Caruso, 2014, Italy, 110 minutes, Cast: Albino Marino, Lorenzo Pedrotti, Sara Francesca Spelta, Francesca Risoli, Simone Riccioni

Screening with: Malibu ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 10:15 PM


In the main square of the town of Avila, everybody is celebrating the feast of Saint Eurosia, protector of earth's harvest. But something is happening in the village bar...

Festivals: 2014 Montreal Film Festival

Emanule Caruso

Born in Alba (Italy) on 15th of August, 1985. In September 2006 he realizes the shooting of the short film “Una scelta di vita” which was finished and than presented on February 2007. He graduates in “direction and video production” at the National Cinema Academy of Bologna on May 2007. In 2010 he shows his short film “ELOGIO ALLA SOLITUDINE” (“Praise to loneliness”) at the 58th Trento Film Festival and the 63rd Festival of Cannes. In 2012 he filmed his first documentary titled “MENO 100 CHILI”, which took part in many Italian and foreign festivals. In 2014 he directed his first feature film (debut film) “E FU SERA E FU MATTINA” (“And there was Evening and there was Morning”).

Unascelta di vita (Italy 2007), DV, color, 23 minutes Elogio alla solitudine (Italy 2010), HD, color, 29 minutes Meno 100 Chili (Italy 2013, documentary), HD, color, 85 minutes Efuserae fumattina (Italy 2014, feature film), 2k, color, 110 minutes.

Yam Dam

Director: Vivian Goffette, 2013, Belgium, 76 minutes, Cast: Fabio Zenoni, Clarisse Tabsoba, Valérie Lemaître, Christophe Sermet, Delphine Cheverry, Pierre Dherte, Vincent Grass

Screening with: When Elephants Dance ~ Friday, October 17 @ 10:00 PM


Christian lives a largely featureless life as a country veterinarian. Married, with no children, he and his wife have set up a small aid-to-Africa organization and he serves as its president. But that isn't enough to fill the monotony of his existence. So Christian spends his idle hours surfing the web. On the Internet he invents a second persona and flirts with a young African woman in search of a better life. Just idle flirting. Then, one day, Faustine, a 26-year-old from Burkina Faso, shows up at his office. "I have no papers," she tells him. "But you promised to marry me."

Vivian Goffette

Belgian filmmaker Vivian Goffette graduated from the Brussels film and theatre academy in 1994 and now teaches at INSAS (Cinema). After apprenticing as a screenwriter and assistant director, he became a director himself and now has four short films to his credit: Bruder Martin (1994), The Postcard (1998), both nominated for student Academy Award, Le centre du monde (2000) and Ceci n’est pas la Gaume. YAM DAM marks his debut in features.

Filmography: 2013 Yam dam / 2007 Ceci n’est pas la gaume / 2000 Le centre du monde / 1998 La carte postale

Before the Revolution

Director: Dan Shadur, 2013, Israel. 75 minutes

Screening with: What remains ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 2:00 PM

"BEFORE THE REVOLUTION highlights what “ARGO” didn't show you: At one time Israel and Iran had a mutually prosperous political and economic relationship. Israelis living in Tehran enjoyed great privilege and wealth. Such was the much coveted “friendship of the Middle East”—Iran supplied oil while Israel helped with infrastructure and weapons. It seemed idyllic; but a storm was brewing, the warnings of which were largely ignored. In 1979 that storm erupted. The Islamic Revolution shook the Shah's regime. Suddenly, the Israelis in Tehran were the enemies of the people and existed in fear for their very lives. Director Dan Shadur's family was there at the time. Interviewing many who were forced to flee, as well as using a wealth of news and personal footage shot during these events, he has crafted a riveting and intimate look at the seismic political shift that has formed the Middle East we know today."

Dan Shadur

A graduate of the Film and Television Department in Tel Aviv University, Dan was a writer and editor in some of the main newspapers in Israel, before shifting into Film and TV making. Dan was the founder and chief editor of the cultural section of Globes - Israel’s leading financial newspaper, and founder of Shadurian Publisher’s – a publishing house for cutting edge literature from Israeli and international writers. In the last couple of years he made a few shorts, video clips and various works for TV, including a 30 minutes fiction film - “Sunburn”.

Director's Statement: I spent the first year of my life in Tehran, My parents and elder brother had been living there for around three years, forming part of the large Israeli community there. Shortly after the revolution that drove us back to Israel, my parents died. Over the years, our photos in Tehran have become the few pieces of evidence remaining of our life as a whole and happy family. However, when I finally started examining what lies behind the utopian images my parents handed down to me, I understood that our family story was only a small part of a large-scale cooperation that had existed between two countries, that today are fierce enemies.

Houses with Small Windows
Director: Bülent Öztürk, 2013, Belgium/Turkey, 15 minutes, Cast: Mizgin Mujde Arslan, Seyithan Altiparmak

Screening with: Cold ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 10:15 PM

‘Houses with small windows’ is a powerful and yet muted portrait of an honor killing in the rural Kurdish Southeast of Turkey. 22-year old Dilan pays for her forbidden love for a young man in a neighboring village with her life. She has shamed the family and therefore must die at the hands of her own brothers. And as tradition will have it, the killing must be compensated.

Bülent Öztürk

Bülent Öztürk born in 1975 in Baglarbasi, a small village in South-East Turkey. Bülent lives since 1995 in Antwerp (Belgium). In 2007 Bülent starts film studies at the Flemish filmschool Rits in Brussels. In 2011 he obtains his master degree film direction with distinction. During his studies, Bülent participates to an intercultural filmworkshop, conducted by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund where he directs his first short-movie ‘Tien voor Negen’. During his studies Bülent directs several other short movies ‘Uitgesteld Afscheid’, ‘Dageraad’ and the documentary film ‘Zaman Zaman, Talking Stones of Bakacaik, acclaimed in Turkey. After his studies, in the winter of 2011, Bülent left for East-Turkey where he directed the documentary ‘Beklemek / Waiting’ about the traumatical consequences of the eart quake earlier that year. Since 2010 Bülent is writing the script of his first feature movie ‘Blue Silence’ for which he obtained support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

What remains…?

Director: Felipe Sandoval, 2014, Belgium, 48 minutes

Screening with: Before the Revolution ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 2:00 PM

Tina and Claude live in a retirement home. They are in a new relationship with each other, happy and openly affectionate. But they are the exception in an environment where the loneliness of the body and mind predominate. At the end of our days, when we are left solitary, what remains…?

Felipe Sandoval

Felipe Sandoval
: Born in 1982 in Chile, he currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. His desire of approaching reality made him move towards documentary film. He worked as a documentary film director for a non-profit association and is currently also working as a post-production supervisor. “What remains…?” is his first independent documentary film.

Metube: August Sings Carmen "Habanera"

Director: Daniel Moshel, 2013, Austria, 5 minutes, Cast: August Schram, Elfie Wunsch, Albert Mair

Screening with: Victoriana + The Queue + Tarzan Dance ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 6:15 PM


George Bizet's "Habanera" from Carmen has been reinterpreted and enhanced with electronic sounds for MeTube, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, and gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet.

Festival & Awards: Jury's Award at 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Daniel Moshel

Daniel Moshel was born in 1976 in Offenbach am Main, Germany. During his multimedia studies, he directed the short film komA. In 2003, he founded the production company Moshel Film. In 2009, he produced the short film Der Doppelgänger, which was directed by Stephanie Winter. The film won the Excellence Award at the Busan International Short Film Festival. Login 2 Life (2011) was his first feature-length documentary. MeTube: August Sings Carmen "Habanera" is his first music video.

The New World

Director: Jaap van Heusden, 2013, Netherlands, 85 minutes, Cast: Bianca Krijgsman, Issaka Sawadogo

Screening with: My Father’s Truck + Sweet Home~ Sunday, October 19 @ 8:30 PM


“The New World” tells the story of Mirte, a middle-aged cleaner at a Dutch center for asylum seekers. She tries to forget her past through routine. When Luc, a new arrival from West Africa, is brought in, Mirte seems to get a grip on her life again.

Jaap van Heusden

Dutch director and screenwriter. Born in 1979 in Utrecht. He took philosophy courses at the University of Utrecht and a screenwriting course in Hollywood. He graduated from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam in 2005. His thesis film "Een ingewikkeld verhaal, eenvoudig verteld" (2005) was an international award-winner. Since then he has directed several television films. In 2010 he made his feature film debut "Win/Win" (WFF 2010) which won many awards, including the Prix Geneve-Europe for best fiction script. "The New World" is his second feature-length film.

Two for the Bride

Director: Elena Kozar, 2014 Russia, 7 minutes, Cast: Danila Yakushev, Vera Bakhankova, Alexey Surensky, Eugene Rubin

Screening with: Committed + Love at First Sight ~ Friday, October 17 @ 8:00 PM

Young man wakes up after a stag-party with a beautiful girl. Both part in a hurry. Before the wedding ceremony the guy gets overwhelmed by frustration and anger as he sees the pictures of his friend’s fiancée, same girl that left his hotel room right before...

Elena Vladimirovna Kozar

Elena Vladimirovna Kozar was born in winter 1989 in a family of well-educated people. Till the graduation she lived with her parents in a small city of Muravlenko in Tyumen region. She attended art school and decided to continue education as interior and landscape designer. Two years later she changed her mind to a more relevant administrative management course. She also started to attend filmmaking and camera courses at "Sinemotion" school in Moscow, where she took the possibility to make a short film of her own. Now Elena is a student of Russian State University of Cinematography where she studies as executive producer and her aim is to know all aspect of cinematography.

Pied Piper

Director: Vivek Budakoti, 2013, India, 113 minutes, Cast: Vikram Kochhar, Rajpal Yadav

Screening with: Raval [Sun] ~ Friday, October 17 @ 12 PM


Seen through the prism of Bertolt Brecht, the film Pied Piper is a satirical folklore of a simple laundryman, Chunnilal, who is rumored to have acquired his beloved donkey’s brains in a freak accident. Charming millions with his asinine conscience that refuses to let go, Chunnilal soon rises to become the most popular hero of his time whom the establishments starts to fear. Laced with black humor, the film mirrors the current socio-political status in India ranging from extreme disappointment to almost juvenile hopefulness.

Vivek Budakoti

Pied Piper is Vivek Budakoti’s debut feature film as director. Born in 1976, in town of Lucknow, India, Vivek, started his career an Assistant Director to eminent Indian Directors like Sudhir Mishra, Aziz Mirza and MF Husain in a few Indian and International Films. He went on to direct many a successful television shows for prominent Indian channels. Vivek made his first short film titled “Image” that was nominated for awards in Digital Talkies International Film Festival 2001. Vivek started his production company “Magic Lantern Productions” in 2010 along with partner Rajita Sharma and together they produced a few daily soaps and a telefilm for prominent satellite channels in India before they produced their first feature Pied Piper.


Director: Viviane Andereggen, 2013, Germany, 12 minutes, Cast: Samir Fuchs, Barbara Nusse, Kailas Mahadeva, Nigg Zubrod

Screening with: Seduce Me ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 8:30 PM


Habib is a refugee from North Africa without official residency status, and is struggling through life at the bottom of society. Coming from a completely different culture, he is repeatedly confronted with prejudice – an experience that may seem familiar to many foreigners. At the same time, Habib must also overcome his own prejudices to realize that he has won a loyal, if slightly unusual friend.

Viviane Andereggen

Viviane Andereggen was born in 1985 in Zurich and raised in Switzerland and Hungary. At the age of 16, she left home to live in occupied houses. She worked as a photographer and realized many video projects in different theatres all over Germany and Switzerland. She also realized several TV ads in Mozambique for the Mozambican ministry of tourism and transport. Viviane studied P.I. design at the Hyperweric in Basel, where she also built her own theatre and founded her own theatre group. Viviane then proceeded to Hamburg where she started Film Studies at the University of Art. There, she (directed her first short films (of which one won an award) before deciding to transfer to Hamburg Medra School. Filmograpny: 2013 For Lotte / Dogwalker


Director: Stelana Kliris, 2014, Cyprus, 90 minutes, Cast: Melia Kreiling, Orestes Sophocleous

Screening with: Love at First Sight + Two for the Bride ~ Friday, October 17 @ 8:00 PM


“Committed” is an English-language road trip movie set on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It is a romantic comedy about a man who takes to the road to escape the pressure of proposing to his girlfriend, only to come across a bride who has just run out on her wedding. What ensues is a bizarre road trip which explores ideas about love, marriage and commitment, with a big surprise ending. It’s “When Harry Met Sally” on the road with a twist.

Stelana Kliris

Stelana Kliris is a South African Cypriot writer / director with a background in editing and production on international film and commercial productions in Greece and Cyprus. She graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University in South Africa and has completed post-graduate courses in writing and directing at institutions such as the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She has written and directed two short documentaries and two short films to date. Her first narrative short "The Fiddler" was awarded at the Drama International Short Film Festival in Greece in 2011. She is inspired by stories with heart and humanity and she has a wealth of tales from her multi-cultural upbringing in countries with complicated political situations, like South Africa and Cyprus. "Committed" is her first feature film.

When elephants dance, the grass gets beaten

Director: Jan van den Berg, 2014, Netherlands/Cambodia, 25 minutes

Screening with: Yam Dam ~ Friday, October 17 @ 10:00 PM


Moon is a farmer in Cambodia, on a land an hour away from the Angkor Wat temples. But she also works in the healthcare sector. With the money she earns from that job, she buys rice for the whole family and pays the school of her sisters. She marries her fiancée, Bun San. They have no money for a traditional wedding, but with a lot of help and support from colleagues, friends and family, they manage to make it a true traditional party.

Jan van den Berg

Jan van den Berg’s films are mostly about human rights and the environment, but he also created important documentaries on culture, like El Abrazo (1990) about famous tango dancers in Buenos Aires, and the series Utrecht by the Sea on that city’s artists. Forty years after recording his first film ‘Olvereños’, Jan returns to the topic of that film: small family farms which try to survive under almost impossible circumstances. At the time, many farmers from the Spanish city Olvera migrated to the Netherlands for work. The film was included in several school projects to inform people about the reasons behind this migration flow. In 1974, it was the continuing drought in Andalusia that forced people to leave their country. In 2013 it are large multinational that force small farmers off their lands on a large scale in various countries around the world. In Silent Land we see how some of these farmers try to resist.


Director: Alberto Ruiz Rojo, 2014, Spain, 7 minutes, Cast: Roberto Álamo, Guadalupe Lancho

Screening with: Name in the Dark ~ Friday, October 17 @ 6:00 PM


A man enters a photo booth. He inserts some coins and the flash fires. When the photo strip is printed and the man looks at it, he cannot believe what he sees. Something totally unexpected is happening.

Alberto Ruiz Rojo

Alberto Ruiz Rojo is winner of the Spanish Academy Award (Goya), has directed multiple television series "AL SALIR DE CLASE (“LEAVING CLASS"), "HERMANOS Y DETECTIVES” “(BROTHERS AND DETECTIVES"), "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST",”HOMICIDE”,  "ALATRISTE", etc, the TV movie "EL GORDO" .and several short films "TRAPPED IN A BLUES" and "TEN MINUTES". This short film is one of the most awarded in the history of Spain with more than 150 awards, including First Prize in ASIANA (Korea), the Gold Reemi Award in HOUSTON, Silver Tang in MALAGA cinema Festival,(Spain), etc.

The Love of this Empty House

Director: Omid Rastbin, 2013, Iran, 11 minutes, Cast: Fermisk Solimani, Ali Molai, Asrin Mahmodi, Jamil Poorahmad, Sahar Abdolghasemi

Screening with: The Fall from Heaven ~ Friday, October 17 @ 4:15 PM


A 6-year old Kurdish girl survives a massacre in her village, in which all her family and relatives die.  She tries to stay alive alone in the village while the soul of her mother protects her…

Omid Rastbin

Raval [Sun]

Director: Priyank Tatariya, 2014, India, 19 minutes, Cast: Arthur Kamble, Bikram Bhagawati,
Jagrut Kamble, Kevin Kamble

Screening with: Pied Piper ~ Friday, October 17 @ 12 PM


Ravla is a 5 year old beggar’s kid whose mother forces him to get some food for his younger brother who is crying madly because of hunger. He starts his journey with begging like any other day but God has some other plans stored for him. Will Ravla succeed?

Priyank Tatariya

After completing Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Connecticut, USA, he has written and directed “Beware of Me,” a horror short film. Ravla [Sun] is his second short film written and directed by him. Currently, he is working on a feature film script.

Love at First Sight

Director: Mark Playne, 2012, Spain/UK, 14 minutes, Cast: Shane Zaza, Francesca Binefa

Screening with: Committed + Two for the Bride ~ Friday, October 17 @ 8:00 PM


A Shy Lonely Young Man (SLYM played by Shane Zaza) arrives in a new country, in a strange new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbor (Francesca Binefa) on the balcony opposite his new room. He tries desperately to be noticed yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation. SLYM is not giving up though and he has one more idea to catch her attention and win her heart…

Mark Playne

'Love at First Sight' is his debut film, which was produced independently.  He is currently developing 2 feature scripts. The 1st is based in Morocco – a story based around one of the greatest injustices and issues of moral concern facing Europe. The 2nd second in India - a country in which Mark has spent a large amount of time and adores. Although Mark is a Brit - his heart has been affected by his many experiences and passions from other cultures – colored by his own madcap adventures – influences that seep into his work.

The Queue

Director: Yacine Sersar, 2013, France, 10 minutes, Cast: Antoine Coesens, Thierry Rousset, Jean-Paul Rouve, Michel Crémades

Screening with: The Young Spinster + Forward, March~ Saturday, October 18 @ 3:45 PM


In a crowded supermarket, a young man calmly waits his turn at the checkout counter. Just as he starts to stack his items on the belt, a young woman with only one item asks if she can go first.

Yacine Sersar

Passionate about his craft, Yacine Sersar is just as happy to pass on his knowledge and techniques to younger people. Thus he participates in the "short school" operation, supported by the General Council of Savoie, which allows students CM2 make short films, in company of actors like Sylvie Loeillet, Olivier Pagès, Marthe Villalonga or Valerie Vogt.

The Fall from Heaven

Director: Ferit Karahan, 2013, Turkey/Italy, 88 minutes, Cast: Ezgi Asaroğlu, Rojin Tekin, Jülide Kural, Gülistan Acet, Mirza Metin, Aziz Çapkurt

Screening with: Love of this Empty House ~ Friday, October 17 @ 4:15 PM  


In 2001, during the peaking political turmoil in Turkey, Emine (25), an electrical engineer, starts working on a construction site in Istanbul where mostly Kurdish workers are employed. She gradually takes hostile attitude against the workers. Ayşe (8), daughter of a Kurdish family in a southeastern village witnesses her family being forced to leave their land by Turkish local authorities. This nested story of Emine and Ayse is about getting stuck between one’s social surroundings and conscience.

Ferit Karahan

Ferit Karahan was born in 1983. He had worked for various production companies, shot many advertising, educational, commercial documentaries and videos. The Fall From Heaven is his first feature debut. The film has won several awards including Best film at Ankara and Antalya Film Festivals.


Director: David Devaux, 2013, France, 4 minutes, Cast: Emilie Saat, Jean Karl Lucas

Screening with: And There Was Evening ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 10:15 PM


In an apartment, a couple plays the game of eternal seduction. The girl is leading the game and taking her lover to dreamy places made from a beach, swim suits and paint.

David Devaux

David Devaux graduated Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2004. His graduation film was a short painted animation « Dernier Hurlement ». In 5 different festivals it won the main prize for the best animated short film. David is eager to experiment with different techniques of animation so he works on several various projects: music videos, commercials, illustrations. He comes back to his first animation technique: painting. He improves it and joins it with the video. In 2012 with the same technique he created a commercial for Boiron and then a music video « Malibu » for Madame Monsieur in 2013.

Seduce Me

Marko Šantic, 2013, Slovenia, 83 minutes, Cast: Janko Mandić, Nina Rakovec, Nataša Barbara Gračner, Peter Musevski

Screening with: Dogwalker Dance ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 8:30 PM


Luka (19) is leaving a youth care centre, his only sanctuary for the past nine years, after his mother and relatives abandoned him. His wish is to find out where his father is buried. At his work, he falls in love with a lively girl named Ajda (19), and they begin a relationship together. While searching for answers from his past, Luka finds out a shocking family secret. He finds his only solace in the love he has for Ajda. He wants to move in with her, but Ajda hides her true feelings from him. Luka soon finds out that Ajda holds a family secret, too. "Seduce Me" is a portrait of young people, who find safety only in the company of each other.

Marko Šantić:

Born in 1983 in Split, Croatia. He graduated from the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. He made two short features during his studies, both of them shown at numerous international film festivals, where they won awards. After finishing his studies, he made short features and documentaries. "Seduce Me" is his first full-length feature film.
Filmography: 2013 Zapelji me / Seduce Me / 2010 Očetova želja / Father's Wish / 2009 Ništa osobno / Nothing Personal / 2008 Od električarja z ljubeznijo / From the Electrician with Love / 2006 Rupa / The Hole  / 2005 Sretan put Nedime / Good luck Nedim

My Father's Truck

Director: Mauricio Osaki, 2013, Brazil/Viet Nam, 15 minutes, Cast: Trung Anh, Mai Vy,Ly Phan

Screening with: The New World + Sweet Home  ~ Friday, October 17 @ 2:20 PM


10-year-old Mai Vy skips school one day to help her father with his passenger truck for hire. Set along the countryside of Northern Vietnam, Mai Vy is soon confronted with varying shades of morality and harsh realities as she learns how things outside the classroom really are.

Dreamy Vy Mai doesn't want to go to school any more. The boys always tease her and she hates it. She'd much rather help out her dad, at least for today. He uses his truck to drive the people who live in this rural Vietnamese region to work. Reluctantly, her father agrees to take Vy Mai along, and she proudly collects the passengers' fares. But work is no picnic: life can be hard and people mean. When she discovers the clandestine business in which her father is involved, it is a big shock.

Festivals: Berlin Film Festival

Mauricio Osaki

Mauricio Osaki was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1981 where he started his career directing short films and working in feature projects as assistant editor and post producer at major film companies. At NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, he completed his short film, My Father's Truck, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013 and has won numerous prizes at film festivals around the world. He has also worked as an editor for directors such as Walter Salles, César Charlone and Marcelo Gomes. He currently lives in Brazil, where he is developing his first feature film.


Director: Uğur Yücel, 2013, Turkey, 105 minutes, Cast: Ahmet Rifat Sungar, Valeriya Skorokhodova, Julia Vaniukova, Şebnem Bozoklu, Rıza Sönmez, Atılay Uluışık

Screening with: Houses with Small Windows ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 10:15 PM


Balabey and his family live in the traditional way in a small town in Turkey close to the Georgian border. Here, marriages are arranged, and happiness is elsewhere. Balabey lives in his own world and enjoys exercising what little power he has as a sergeant – chiefly being able to make the trains stop and start at will. In the middle of winter, when the landscape and the houses are covered in a thick blanket of snow, he falls in love with the beautiful Russian Irina who works in a broth - el with her sisters. For the men folk, the bordello is a warm place in a cold town, while their wives despair at their husbands’ adulterous behavior. Balabey’s fragile happiness is soon threatened by his irascible brother, who was forced to marry the sister of Balabey’s heavily pregnant wife. With its stunning images of the landscape, the film unfolds like a Greek tragedy. Balabey is determined to do everything in his power to prevent his beloved Irina from sticking to her plan of returning to Moscow.

Uğur Yücel

Uğur Yücel (Istanbul, 1957) studied acting at the Istanbul Conservatoire and launched a career of one-man shows in 1977.  Six years later, he began acting in feature films and made his directorial debut with a short film in 1990. He projected the silent film on a big screen and accompanied it himself on stage with percussion instruments. He is an active actor, writer, director and composer for feature films and television series. As one of the most acclaimed actors of his time, Uğur Yücel is highly respected for his ability to ‘migrate’ into the souls of the characters he plays.

Filmography: My World (Benim Dunyam, 2013) / Cold (Soguk, 2013) / The Dragon Trap (Ejder Kapanı, 2010) / The Woman of My Life (Hayatımın Kadınısın, 2006) / Toss Up (Yazı Tura, 2004)

Why This Telephone Never Rings?

Director: Hadi Yaghinlou, 2013, Iran, 8 minutes, Animation

Screening with: Khrushchev Does America + Berlin Troika ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 2:15 PM


In a corner of an old workshop, a repairman is lost in the quiet world of telephones until his calmness is disturbed with continues rings. Fed up with the rings, he starts checking numerous phones to find the ringing one to answer. In his search he gets out of the workshop and all of sudden finds himself in mysterious places. He passes through an endless land of unknown telephones until he sees nothing around him. At this moment he faces the truth. The voice is from inside him.

Hadi Yaghinlou

Hadi Yaghinlou was born in 1974 in Tehran. As a graduate of directing, Yaghinlou started his film making career as the assistant of “Vajiyollah Fardemoghadam” by making some short educational films and commercials. His first film for KANOON was called “The Red Pencil & the Black Crow” in 1998 which brought him the “Golden Bird” prize in the first Tehran Animation Festival. He has been working with Kanoon and the national foundation of computer games since that time as a supervisor.

Filmography: The red pencil & the black crow, 1998 / A precious pal & a delicious bud, 2004 / Fruits’ journey, 2006 / Why this telephone never rings? 2012

Velo Mystery
Director: Jörn Staeger, 2013, Germany, 7 minutes, Cast: Jörn Staeger

Screening with: Blue Way ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 12:00 PM


An experimental short film sculpture about symbiotic relationship between human and bicycle. There are three states of riding a bicycle: The bicycle as a spaceship, as a body machine and as a time machine. A personal homage for the bicycle.

Jörn Staeger

Jörn Staeger was born in 1965 in Berlin. In 1991 he graduated in visual communications at the University of Arts in Hamburg. In 1994-1995 he was awarded with the DAAD Chicago/Illinois scholarship and the scholarship of the cabinet of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. In 2003 he gave courses at the University of Arts Hamburg. Currently, Staeger lives and works as a cameraman, filmmaker and painter in Frankfurt am Main.

Berlin Troika
Director: Andrej Gontcharov, 2014, Germany, 10 minutes, Cast: Matthew Burton, Dieter Wardetzky, Alexander Khuon, Sebastian Blomberg

Screening with: Khrushchev Does America + Phone Never Rings ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 2:15 PM

During a stormy night of grave political crisis, an expert interpreter suffers a nervous breakdown. Young diplomat Konrad Gelb is recruited to step in and interpret between the two conflicting superpower leaders, who seem to hold the fate of humanity in their hands - an absurd responsibility, which by extension rests on the shoulders of the young interpreter. He must balance the oversized egos in the room and maneuver the world’s destiny to either peaceful resolution or total annihilation.

Andrej Gontcharov

Andrej Gontcharov was born 1986 in Karl-Marx-City and grew up in Germany, Russia and France. Upon early success at film competitions, various film-related jobs at home and abroad followed over the years, including commercial directing assignments for clients such as Adidas, Ikea, and Nike. Since 2008, Andrej has been studying film directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin.

Death Makes Life Possible 
Director: Mark Krigbaum [in person], 2014, USA, 63 minutes, Cast: Deepak Chopra, Marilyn Schlitz

Part of ‘Sonoma Filmmakers’ Showcase ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 5:45 PM


Death Makes Life Possible (DMLP) is a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on a beautiful journey through one of life’s most feared experiences: death. Anthropologist, author and scientist, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, guides the audience on a visually engaging exploration of this taboo topic. A rich and compelling blend of interviews, personal stories, international perspectives, and a soundtrack that engages our emotions accompany Marilyn on her quest. The purpose of the film is to ignite a global conversation on this fundamental issue in contemporary society: transforming the fear of death into an inspirational life value. And to discover how death makes life possible.

Mark Krigbaum

Mark Krigbaum is an award-winning filmmaker with over 35 years of experience as a writer, producer, director and editor on a wide variety of projects including PBS Television, Theatrical Feature Films, Corporate Media and Educational programs. Mark has a degree in Motion Picture Production & Theory from San Francisco State University.  Career highlights include: "Transformation of Myth Through Time" (PBS) with Joseph Campbell, Editor for "Mythos" and Director of "Death Makes Life Possible" featuring Deepak Chopra. Awards include Gold and Silver Medals New York International Film Festival, Cindy awards, Gold Eagles, Telly Awards and an Emmy Nomination.  Mark is a Petaluma resident.

Sweet Home
Director: Susanne Wiegner, 2014, Germany, 3 minutes, Animation

Screening with: The New World + My Father’s Truck Home ~ Friday, October 17 @ 2:20 PM


The film shows the immediate impact to a home by usual, everyday disturbances that we create and suffer at the same time.

Susanne Wiegner

Susanne Wiegner studied architecture at the Academy of fine Arts in Munich and at Pratt Institute in New York City. She works as an architect and 3D-artist in Munich, Germany. In addition to projects in real space, for several years she has been creating 3D computer animations dealing with literature and with virtual space. Venues where her work have been shown include the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Jenisch Haus in Hamburg, the Art + Technology Center EYEBEAM in New York City, festivals in Marseille, Rotterdam, Berlin, Athens, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Budapest, Damascus, Ramallah and Vienna.

Name in the Dark

Agne Marcinkeviciute, 2013, Lithuania, 97 minutes, Cast: Neringa Varnelyte, Deimena Drasutyte, Gediminas Storpirstis, Jurgita Jurkute, Gintaras Liukevicius

Screening with: Flash ~ Friday, October 17 @ 6:00 PM  


A small town investigator’s job is to untangle cases, which, more often than not, are meaningless to the point of absurdity. From time to time, she breaks up the monotony with a glass of wine. Memories, both painful and exciting, stream into her blood together with the wine. These memories include the tragic love she once experienced for her music teacher, who in a way raised and educated her, and then one day simply disappeared. Suddenly her routine is shaken by the mysterious murder of a teenage girl. While investigating this case, she is forced to face her own past, as the main suspect is none other than her ex-lover - the music teacher.

Agne Marcinkeviciute

Agne Marcinkeviciute has received MA degree from TV directing at Lithuanian Music Academy. Since 1993 to 2003 she worked at Lithuanian Film Studios on various film projects as director’s assistant, film set administrator, script supervisor. Since 1997-2004 she was a theatre studio director at Culture Centre of Vilnius Pedagogical University. Agne Marcinkeviciute worked as program director and editor for several TV programs at Lithuanian National Television and Vilnius TV. Since 1999 she has written and directed short films, radio plays and documentary films.

Forward, March!

Directors: Pierrick Barbin, Rimelle Khayat, Loïc Le Goff, Guillaume Lenoel, Garrick Rawlingson 2013, France, 4 minutes, Animation

Screening with: The Young Spinster + The Queue ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 3:45 PM

One two three March! The steps of a military band cross London, to the rhythm of their usual routine, but what will happen if a little black hairy monster is determined to join them? Naturally chaos ensues, which the other members of the band are not at all used to. Who knows, perhaps this new addition will be good for the band…A cheeky wink at the excessive levels of formality of the UK.

Pierrick Barbin, Rimelle Khayat, Loïc Le Goff, Guillaume Lenoel, Garrick Rawlingson

The Blue Wave

Directors: Zeynep Dadak & Merve Kayan, 2013, Turkey/Germany/Netherlands/Greece, 97 minutes, Cast: Ayris Alptekin, Onur Saylak, Barış Hacıhan, Nazlı Bulum, Albina Özden

Screening with: Velo Mystery ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 12:00 PM

A refreshingly free-wheeling impressionistic look at the point in everyone's teenage years when major decisions have to be made about the future. The last school year in a provincial town for Deniz and her classmates finds them dealing with boyfriends, boredom and what next year will bring - that's hopefully going to be 'freedom' and 'real life' in either Istanbul or Ankara. As the year progresses with all the usual flirtations, shifting friendships, unfocused restlessness and emotional tumult, writer-directors Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayane perfectly capture those moments when teenage moody adolescence begins to turn to adult excitement and uncertainty.

Zeynep Dadak & Merve Kayan

Born in Balıkesir, Turkey, Zeynep Dadak has studied film. A doctoral candidate at New York University’s Cinema Studies Department, she has been a writer/editor for Altyazı Film Magazine, Turkey’s leading film monthly. Zeynep Dadak has directed and produced various short films/documentaries/music videos since 2001.
Filmography: 2010 Elope (Short Musical, 16 mm) / 2010 On the Coast (Documentary, 16 mm) / 2007 For the Record: World Tribunal on Iraq (Documentary, DV) / 2004 The Roundtrip (Short Film, DV) / 2001 Use Your Head (Short Film, DV)

After growing up in Uzunköprü, Turkey, Merve Kayan studied at Denison University’s Cinema Department in Ohio. While making films and videos she collaborated with various filmmakers and visual artists in New York and Istanbul as editor and director of photography. She received her MFA in Visual Arts at University of California, San Diego.
Filmography: 2010 Elope (Short Musical, 16 mm)  / 2010 On the Coast (Documentary, 16 mm) / 2008 Work (Video Installation, HD) / 2006 Ah (Short Film, DV) / 2005 Sweet Splits (Video Installation, DV)


Director: Signe Baumane, 2014, USA, 3 minutes, Animation

Screening with: Victoriana + August Dance ~ Sunday, October 19 @ 6:15 PM


A man meets a woman on New York City subway and they flirt until it hurts.

Signe Bauman

Signe was born in Latvia. She received a BA degree in Philosophy from Moscow State University in 1989. Eight months after giving birth to her son she was checked into a mental hospital and diagnosed as manic-depressive. Despite the diagnosis, Signe made 3 animated short films in Latvia before moving to New York in 1995. In New York she continued to work in the field of animation and made 12 more award winning animated shorts. Her films have been accepted at Sundance, Berlin, Annecy, Venice, Tribeca and hundreds of other film festivals around the world.  

The Blessing

Director: Jake Ehrlich [in person], 2012, USA, 22 minutes, Cast: Lou Dezseran, Trip Langley, Natalie Britton, Mindee DeLacy

Screening with: Copenhagen ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 8:15 PM


ISAIAH and EDEL are a young couple that hope to marry.  With the desire to do everything right, Isaiah, who is Jewish, wants to obtain a marriage blessing from Edel's father, MARTIN, an aging and intolerant Irish Catholic.  Edel understands that her father is an impossible person and urges Isaiah to get through this simply and quickly. As Martin ribs Isaiah in the next room, Edel begins to uncover some things from her family's past.   

Jake Ehrlich

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English, Jake worked in Script development and as a writer’s assistant for Alliance Atlantis.  He then moved to San Francisco where he learned to make films while doing videography and editing for Rise Pictures and Studio B Films.  He also won several competition-based awards for his early short films.  He then moved to Los Angeles where he directed the 22-minute film, “The Blessing,” which premiered at the 2012 LA Shorts Fest, won the award for “Best Comedy Short” at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and played at the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival. He looks forward to new challenges and continued fulfillment in film and video.

Preparing For Life

Director: Paul Zehrer [in person], 2013, USA, 18 minutes

Part of ‘Sonoma Filmmakers’ Program ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 5:45 PM


A recent New York Times story on a Waldorf School in the heart of Silicon Valley, sparked national media attention. “Preparing for Life” picks up where that story left off -- capturing the essence of how Waldorf education prepares children to be 21st century smart. Talking with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Stanford researchers, investment bankers, and parents who run some of the largest hi-tech companies in the world, “Preparing for Life” explores what children need, to not only succeed in navigating the challenges of the future, but to find purpose and happiness in their lives.

Paul Zehrer & Chikara Motomura

Award-winning producer/director and Waldorf parent, Paul Zehrer has created several films on Waldorf education including, “Why Waldorf?”, winner of the 2012 Golden Cine Award, 2012 Silver Telly Award. Cinematographer and Waldorf parent, Chikara Motomura has spent over 20 years as freelance director and cinematographer for various Japanese television networks, Link TV and his own production company. Paul and Chikara are currently working on a feature length documentary film on Waldorf education in the Middle-East.


Journey of a Singer-Songwriter

Director: Ron Rogers [in person], 2013, USA, 22 minutes, Cast: Bobby Jo

Part of ‘Sonoma Filmmakers’ Showcase ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 5:45 PM


Bobby Jo Valentine is a 28 year old Petaluma-based singer-songwriter at a crossroads. Having broken away from a conservative Baptist upbringing, reunited with his birth mother, come out as gay and discovered he has a unique talent for writing and performing music, can he truly connect with an audience and build a new life as a professional singer-songwriter? To find out, Bobby Jo sets out on an ambitious five-day, eight-concert tour around California. Watch the trailer here.

Ron Rogers

Ron owns and operates Blue Coast Films, an independent film, video, and photography production business concentrating on public affairs documentaries. Since 2003, Ron and Blue Coast Films have produced, filmed, edited and distributed a wide variety of videos shot around the United States, France, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Blue Coast Films is based in Petaluma.


Director: Spencer Howson [in person], 2014, USA, 9 minutes, Cast: Austin Stein, Michael Pavone, Hannah Grimmer, Jeremy Issel

Part of ‘Sonoma Filmmakers’ Showcase ~ Saturday, October 18 @ 5:45 PM


A Detective tasked with solving a puzzling murder quickly learns that the Killer is toying with him. The Killer is smart, calculated, and dangerous. He treats the murder like a cat and mouse game, but the Detective is ready to play.

Spencer Howson

“This is my 2nd Full year of $0 budget filmmaking. I am 18 years old, graduating this year From Montgomery High School and hope to advance onto professional level productions. I have been in a filming partnership with my best friend Spencer Howson where together we create small and short videos for fun to test out our skills and gear limitations. I am considered the CINEMATOGRAPHER while Spencer is the DIRECTOR and VFX MASTER. These videos are posted on our channels ArtiFactionFilms and ArtiFactionFilms2. Our newest short Film titled "Three-O-Seven" is our first full short film. It is by Far our greatest work when looking at the quality, story structure and overall viewing experience. Last year the two of us won a local Russian River Watershed Association video contest winning a grand total of $1500 (half of which was given to Montgomery High School's Media Department).” 

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